A note from the founder of SCUBED CONSULTING

Seshnie Naidoo CA(SA); ACMA,CGMA


I joined the workforce 14 years ago, starting at the bottom as a trainee in an audit firm.  I quickly proved myself, and grew in each of my roles.  Within 5 years of starting my career, I grew from a trainee to a manager and 4 years later, I was in an executive position and thriving.


During my career I quickly learned that I needed to know more than just finance if I wanted to make a difference in any of the businesses I worked for.  Thus I got involved in other departments and assisted them while learning more about the business as a whole.  I also realised that I had a knack for leadership and enjoyed upskilling my staff tremendously.  This has given me the unique ability to provide both financial and business advice to companies and people that need it.  It has also enabled me to share my knowledge in an encouraging and fun way.


I started Scubed Consulting to provide a well rounded service for any entrepreneur, whether you have a small business or run a large corporation.  No matter what phase of your business you are in, be it starting a business or growing your current offering, we at Scubed have the skills to assist you on this path.  We also provide services to upskill employees and owners.  


Many small businesses do not succeed due to lack of business and financial knowledge.  That is why we started our enterprise development programmes, which any company can contribute to.  Let us help you make a difference.


Whatever your business need is we will do our best to get you the best solutions possible.  We will take care of all the admin and background work so you can concentrate on growing your business.


Growing your business is our passion.  So let us focus on our passion so that you can focus on yours!


Have a look at the meet the team page to find out more about the qualifications of our consultants.